New Product Launch Journey

If you’ve seen an advertisement for Pledge, Off, Depends, Raid, or Sabra Guacamole, then you know the work of Patti Purcell. Patti is the founder of Writing by Design, LLC. She and her team of four specialize in copywriting for everyday needs and new product launch research and advertising.

During AMANEW’s November Lunch and Learn Event at Concordia University, she spoke about her love for the new product process and shared her experiences during idea brainstorming sessions. By looking at trends, focus group feedback and hands-on play, the sessions yielded a plethora of ideas. Some good. Some not so good. But enough “good” content to narrow down and develop viable new products.

In her mind, there are certain ingredients for a successful product launch. You always need to ask yourself, “What is the message I’m giving and why does it matter to the consumer?”

It’s also important to have a full grasp of:

  1. The product idea.
  2. The story you tell the consumer about it.

As for service marketers, always focus on benefits. The features have a supporting role to resolve the needs of your target market.

If you want to learn more about Writing by Design, check out their website:

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