Selling Marketing to you C-Suite

The executive suite – all those chiefs in one place. Can you guess what they worry about the most? Growth and profits most likely. Risk management and sustainability. Creating a legacy for long-term company growth.

So how do you approach them with a good marketing plan that they’ll buy into? Greg Linnemanstons suggests giving them an offer they can’t refuse. Imagine if you could demonstrate a customer acquisition cost of $1 with the customer’s lifetime value of $5. Whoa! That’s a no brainer.

Inbound marketing has the key to get you there. Since the introduction of Google, the buying process has evolved from a “go out to the stores” shopping experience to an “anonymous online research” process. 70% of the research occurs anonymously online. Sellers want to be at their top of the Google list. So how do you get there?

The inbound marketing process works to push your links to the top of Google’s search results – organically. Compelling blog content, reaching out to customers during their research, and customizing their needs before they know they need it.

You can learn more about Inbound Marketing by contacting the Weidert Group.

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