Choosing the Right Social Media Networks

Sue Feldkamp, Digital Marketing Director, and Cindy Coughlin, Digital Campaign Manager of Miller Electric presented on “Choosing the Right Social Media Networks” at our AMA-NEW January meeting. Miller Electric describes themselves as “cautious leaders” in social media. Sue and Cindy are both very well-versed in social media and provided many valuable tips to the audience, including:When measuring the value of social media, think beyond the basics of reach and influence to show how social provides business value. It’s about quality vs. quantity. How is your business getting revenue from your followers?

  • Consider using surveys to learn more about your social media followers. Using surveys, Miller was able to identify that both business prospects as well as hobbyists use social media. They also developed a better understanding of how those followers use social and how it drives awareness of their products.
  • Cindy recommends turning on Facebook Business Manager – a lot of valuable data is provided within the Audience Insights that can help you understand the makeup of your followers.
  • Success takes time and refinement. Test multiple messages to your audience and see what performs best. Adapt and learn.
  • When new platforms arise, Miller will add them to a “watch” list. If the purpose of the platform seems to be aligned with their objectives, they’ll then test some posts on that platform to see how they perform. Social media platforms take time to set up and monitor, and content must be adapted for each, so there is a significant time investment that must be considered before fully jumping in.
  • With the recent changes to Facebook, Cindy recommend posting less frequently, but better. Interaction is key. Ask questions of your audience. Consider shifting to posting within your Facebook Groups more often—these will not be as impacted as Pages by the new algorithm.

Sue and Cindy concluded by encouraging the group to stay connected with others using digital marketing. The platforms change so frequently, it’s important to have a network of other professionals to learn from. View the slides from this program here >>  AMA Social Media

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