Life Is A Dance Floor And You Are The DJ

Christopher Jossart is an author, educator and PR pro of more than 25 years. He’s an expert at digging deep to find the story-within-a-story and making brands come to life.

He inspired a room full of marketers at Fox Valley Technical College’s Appleton campus Wednesday, Feb. 7 with his presentation about storytelling in brand development.

Storytelling Process

Christopher’s first step in the storytelling process is to identify the stories. He shared examples of where he has found stories, from the hallways of Fox Valley Tech to senior living facilities. Stories are all around us.

The next step is to sell the story to the audience. Christopher explained it isn’t just one audience you need to sell to. Many times you need to sell the story to multiple layers of leadership before reaching the final audience.

The last step is to get movin’ (aka motivate your audience to take action). Christopher explained the biggest thing that moves the audience is trust.

Elements Of Story Selling

Story selling is how you get results. Christopher said there are four elements to story selling:

  1. X-Factor
  2. Emotional
  3. Practical
  4. Story-Within-A-Story

The best stories should have all four elements.

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