Networking, networking, networking! Get a group of marketers together, and that’s what it’s all about.

Events and conferences. Our chapter holds programs every month of the year except July and August – at locations between Green Bay and Oshkosh. We vary between morning and evening sessions to be inclusive.

Online communities and resources thru, including tool kits, web/pod casts, white papers, articles, and blogs. They’ve already invented the wheel for you!

Marketing news. Keep up to date or ahead of the curve through National AMA’s monthly magazine or e-newsletters or through our chapter’s e-newsletters.

Career resources and guidance including AMA’s job board.

Please also visit National AMA’s Membership Benefits information! Or take a look at a video on the ultimate benefits of membership!



How to join:

To become a member, visit and select the type of membership that suits you. You will complete the registration process with the National AMA that will include your local chapter membership.


Types of Membership and Annual Fees:


Professional: Those working in the field of marketing.

$240 National Dues + $30 National New Member Application Fee (One-Time Fee) +

$50 Local Chapter Dues


Young Professional: Those who are less than 3 years removed from undergraduate study.

$120 National Dues + $50 Local Chapter Dues


Student: Full-time students that are not yet employed full-time.

$47 National Dues + $10 Local Chapter Dues


Multi-Year, International & Group rates are available.

Learn more about types of AMA Membership.