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Go Beyond the Sales Funnel! Embrace the Flywheel to Maximize Business Growth & Customer Loyalty

February 24, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM



The flywheel is a powerful methodology that helps organizations identify all the opportunities available to them to increase the forces that drive their businesses — and remove the sources of friction that keep them from achieving optimum results. The methodology enables alignment between Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, allowing you to gain real momentum as you attract and convert leads, and continually satisfy customers.

When you see your business in terms of force and friction, you will begin to see how applying the flywheel concept:

  • Helps unite your teams — Marketing, Sales and Customer Service — behind the idea that everyone shares responsibility for attracting, engaging and delighting customers throughout their journey with you
  • Turns the voice of customers into your most powerful marketing force


This is a virtual event hosted by AMA-NEW.



Nicole Mertes | VP Client Services and Business Development | Weidert Group

All client engagements begin on Nicole’s desk, where she works with our Consultants to formulate the most appropriate programs. Prior to her role at the agency, Nicole was an advertising manager at Gannett, one of the nation's largest media companies. With 10+ years of experience in advertising sales, she understands the complex relationship between marketing and sales within organizations.



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